A Premier Source for Quality Applicants for U.S. Aviation Staffing

Finding choice aviation applicants for various positions in the industry, isn’t always so easy for aviation companies with staffing needs. In such a high-risk industry, only well-vetted and qualified applicants are showcased by the premier recruitment service found at A & M Solutions.

With extensive aviation experience, in the various fields making up the industry, A & M’s executive knowledge is vast and covers decades. This is why premium is a good choice in words, when describing the quality of service we provide. This expertise is what it takes, in order to understand the needs of our clients looking to fulfill their U.S. aviation staffing needs.

Partnering with A & M Solutions to find quality applicants, is a source of finding career-minded and quality-choice applicants in all fields of the aviation industry. Our experience and understanding of the industry, from many vantage points, gives us the insight needed to recruit qualified applicants.

Aviation companies can post their jobs for free for 30 days to see how the site works and feels. Could be, a position will be filled in this time with a premier applicant, who benefits your company greatly. Of course, we hope this will keep clients coming back for future aviation staffing needs.

Aviation businesses can partner with our recruitment service and gain an advantage in the industry. We’ll help you find the premium applicants who are well-vetted and qualified for the position you need filled. Count on our experience and expertise in the aviation industry, to gain an advantage in filling your aviation staffing needs. To learn more, please contact us today.

I bring over 12 years of aviation experience and more than 5,000 flight hours to A&M Solutions. Currently an FAA certified check airman for one of the world’s largest airlines, as well as the world’s largest helicopter company: I served over 10 years in the army as a test pilot on CH-47s, and OH-58s. I have over 500 hours of combat flight experience in Afghanistan, have a background flying utility, and am currently OAS carded with the US Forest Service. I began my career as a mechanic and am still a practicing A&P (Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic). In addition, I am a flight instructor for both airplanes and helicopters, am a commercially rated pilot for single and multi-engine airplanes and rotorcraft helicopters. With a background so extensive, I am able to provide my clients with knowledge, expertise, and credibility that will serve them to find their place within the aviation industry.