2 Critical Aviation Safety Tips to Remember on The Job

The world of aviation is an enthralling, rewarding, and complex one and to ensure that only the most qualified aviation professionals are on the job, there are a couple of key aviation safety tips to review and keep in mind at all times. A&M Solutions has proudly been staffing the most elite mechanics, pilots, and other aviation professionals for countless companies for years and today they are here to share two critical safety tips for clients and staff members alike to keep in mind.

  • Prepare For The Weather Elements: Both pilots and people aboard the aircraft should always remember to dress the part for the flight. A&M Solutions ensures the pilots they staff are not only professionally dressed, but that they wear clothing that is appropriate for the environments they are flying over. They advise their clients do the same for their own comfort and safety. They also ensure that their staff is equipped with necessary emergency, survival, and winterization gear.
  • Inspect The Aircraft With a Critical Eye: Every commercial aircraft is thoroughly inspected before each flight to guarantee a smooth, safe experience. A&M Solutions aviation staff members are trained to pay attention to extreme temperature changes and prepare for them accordingly. They also ensure the carbon monoxide detector is functioning properly, check the battery and engine oil, and go over a number of other critical factors. A preflight inspection by A&M Solutions is never a rushed procedure.

For more information on important aviation safety tips or for inquiries on any of the aviation staffing services offered by A&M Solutions, contact us today.

I bring over 12 years of aviation experience and more than 5,000 flight hours to A&M Solutions. Currently an FAA certified check airman for one of the world’s largest airlines, as well as the world’s largest helicopter company: I served over 10 years in the army as a test pilot on CH-47s, and OH-58s. I have over 500 hours of combat flight experience in Afghanistan, have a background flying utility, and am currently OAS carded with the US Forest Service. I began my career as a mechanic and am still a practicing A&P (Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic). In addition, I am a flight instructor for both airplanes and helicopters, am a commercially rated pilot for single and multi-engine airplanes and rotorcraft helicopters. With a background so extensive, I am able to provide my clients with knowledge, expertise, and credibility that will serve them to find their place within the aviation industry.